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Below are some of the health impairments that may alter your health classification.
Health Impairments
Medical History Eligibility
  Preferred Plus Preferred
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Dependency No *
Arthritis (rheumatoid) No *
Asthma (requiring treatment within past 2 years) No *
Bronchitis (chronic) No *
Cancer (except certain basal cell skin types) No No
Cardiovascular/Heart Disease No No
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease No *
Crohn's Disease No *
Depression (requiring treatment within past 2 years) No *
Diabetes (insulin and non-insulin dependent) No No
Emphysema No *
Epilepsy (seizures within past 5 years) No *
Gastric/Peptic Ulcers (requiring treatment within past 2 years) No *
Hyperlipidemia (treatment for elevated cholesterol/lipids) No *
Hypertension No *
Kidney/Liver Disease (chronic) No *
Melanoma No No
Mental Illness No *
Multiple Sclerosis No *
Stroke (including TIA) No No
Ulcerative Colitis No *
Vascular Disease No *
* Depending on the nature or severity of the impairment, you may or may not be eligible for Preferred Underwriting. For additional details please call your insurance advisor at 1.888.428.2200

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