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How much life insurance do you need? Calculating the economic value of a human life to a family is important, but there is no magic number. Our calculator will provide you with an estimate of the amount of life insurance needed to replace a deceased wage earner's income. The calculations assume life insurance proceeds are invested at a rate you specify and that your purchasing power is retained based on your assumed rate of inflation.

Term life insurance is the solution to financial security and peace of mind. Your life insurance coverage should include all of the expenses your family will incur after you are gone. Projecting your life insurance needs as your family grows is not an easy task. Let our dedicated and knowledgeable staff assist you on line or by phone with balancing your life insurance needs with affordability. Life insurance acts as a financial safety net. In the unfortunate untimely death of the income provider, life insurance should fulfill your financial goal for your spouse/partner and children.

Term Vs. Cash Value

The savings of term life insurance Vs. cash-value life insurance can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Personal Finance Managers have long recommended term life insurance over cash-value life insurance as the sensible choice for most consumers. They state that with term life insurance, you pay only for the protection you need and only for the length of time your dependents are financially vulnerable. These experts also claim that most people would fare better by investing the substantial savings in purchasing term life insurance in a portfolio of no-load mutual funds.

Level Term Insurance

Level term life insurance guarantees that your premium will not increase (remain level) for the effective period of your policy. Many other term life insurance quotation services will quote non-guaranteed premium policies to their potential clients. Which means that premiums can be raised after an initial period.

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