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Life Insurance Company Ratings

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Description by Bureau
Rank Standard & Poor's Fitch
(Duff & Phelps)
Moody's Weiss Ratings
Area Claims Paying Ability Claims Paying Ability Repayment Punctuality Safety
1 AAA Extremely Strong AAA Highest Aaa Exceptional A+ Excellent
2 AA+ Very Strong AA+ Very High Aa1 Excellent A Excellent
3 AA Very Strong AA Very High Aa2 Excellent A- Excellent
4 AA- Very Strong AA- Very High Aa3 Excellent B+ Good
5 A+ Strong A+ High A1 Good B Good
6 A Strong A High A2 Good B- Good
7 A- Strong A- High A3 Good C+ Fair
8 BBB+ Good BBB+ Adequate Baa1 Adequate C Fair
9 BBB Good BBB Adequate Baa2 Adequate C- Fair
10 BBB- Good BBB- Adequate Baa3 Adequate D+ Weak
11 BB+ Marginal BB+ Uncertain Ba1 Questionable D Weak
12 BB Marginal BB Uncertain Ba2 Questionable D- Weak
13 BB- Marginal BB- Uncertain Ba3 Questionable E+ Very Weak
14 B+ Weak B+ Possessing Risk B1 Poor E Very Weak
15 B Weak B Possessing Risk B2 Poor E- Very Weak
16 B- Weak B- Possessing Risk B3 Poor F Failed
17 CCC+ Very Weak CCC Substantial Risk Caa Very Poor  
18 CCC Very Weak DD Liquidating Ca Extremely Poor  
19 CCC- Very Weak   C Lowest  
20 CC Extremely Weak      
21 R Regulatory action      
Note: A Bureau's rating is not a warranty of an insurer's current or future ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. It is also not a recommendation of a particular company or policy.

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